Croatian woman from Konavle.


Croatian woman from Konavle.

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Sword Photography - The Triglav Project

  • Photographer and Copyright: Jacek Gajak 
  • Theme: Projekt Trzyglów

The name of the projects is given by “Triglav”, meaning “three headed” also sometimes called “troglav”, a deity in Slavic mythology. Triglav is depicted as representation of three major Slavic gods that vary from one Slavic tribe to others that serve as the representatives of the above mentioned realms. 

Triglav is depicted as a three-headed man sometimes with bands of (gold) blindfolds over his eyes, or a man with three goat heads. Several temples dedicated to Triglav existed near present-day Szczecin, Poland. During the period of Christianization, these temples and statues of Triglav were completely destroyed.

Source: Copyright © 2013 Jacek Gajak (Jotgie Studio)

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European Dagger

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Measurements: overall length 48.5 cm

The dagger features a straight blade with double groove, iron hilt engraved with effigy of human figures and floral motifs, small oval valve, hexagonal pommel, and a twisted iron grip.

Source: Copyright © 2013 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

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My BA animation “End of the world”

My friend’s graduation project : D


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Jan Bytnar, also known by his codenames: “Black”, "Janek", "Crocodile", and "Rudy". He was a figurehead of Group Storm of the “Szare Szeregi” (Grey Ranks), a scout organizaion of resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied Poland. Rudy was arrested by the Germans on March 23, 1943 and tortured for information, before he was rescued by Group Storm three days later during the so-called “Arsenal” action. He died on 30 March from injuries sustained during interrogation by the Gestapo, aged 21.

Maciej Aleksy Dawidowski, also known by hiscodenames: "Crawler", "Copernicus", "Aries", and "Alek". He was also a leading member of Group Storm and he participated in the planning and the execution of the “Arsenal” rescue operation. During the attack, he was seriously wounded in the stomach by fire from Germans in the gate house where Rudy was held. Despite this, he threw two grenades, enabling his comrades to withdraw from the action. He later died in a hospital from his wounds, aged 22.

Tadeusz Zawadzki, also known by his codenames: "Caiman", "Kotwicki", "Leo Orange", and Zośka”. Zośka was the scoutmaster of Group Storm and he himself commanded Operation Arsenal, a daring action of the Polish resistance which took place in Warsaw on March 26, 1943, in order to free his friend and scout-mate, Rudy. He died, aged 22, during the so-called ”Taśma” attack on a German border patrol office during the night of August 20, 1943.

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Significance of Wolves 



Wolves were often associated with warriors, because they were predators. In many cultures, the identification of the warrior with the wolf (totemism) gave rise to the notion of Lycanthropy, the mythical or ritual identification of man and wolf.

Wolves In Scandinavia


Wolves were…

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Chamois by boduflo on Flickr.
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Parade Sword

  • Dated: circa 1500-1525
  • Culture: Italian
  • Place of Origin: Italy, Ferrara
  • Medium: steel, etched and gilded
  • Measurements: overall - l:101.90 cm (l:40 1/16 inches) Wt: 1.00 kg. Blade - l:85.40 cm (l:33 9/16 inches). Quillions - w:17.50 cm (w:6 7/8 inches). Grip - w:11.10 cm (w:4 5/16 inches)
  • Inscriptions: Ercole dei Fideli

Source: Copyright 2014 © Cleveland Museum of Art

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Indian Sword Hilts

Photo #1 - Horse-head Sword Hilt

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Indian, Rajasthan or Gujarat
  • Medium: gilt silver inlaid with rubies
  • Measurements: 7 1/2 x 4 1/8 x 1 in. (19.05 x 10.48 x 2.54 cm)

Photo #2 - Young Prince’s Sword Hilt

  • Dated: late 17th century
  • Culture: Indian, Mughal
  • Medium: white nephrite jade
  • Measurements: 4 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 3/4 in. (12.07 x 6.99 x 1.91 cm)

Source: Copyright © 2013 LACMA Museum

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Extra bonus round on “How to spot an artist” pro-tips:

Rubens: "Skinny may be in. But fat is where it’s at."

Michelangelo: "Nude women are muscularly sculpted men with oddly shaped fruits attached on as breasts."


I would never have posed for Rubens if I thought he’d just post the pics online. Smh.

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CD cover, Lanterna Magica by Chuck Owston


CD cover, Lanterna Magica by Chuck Owston

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